our flavors

denali postcard

our version of rocky road, made with chunks of chocolate and toasted marshmallows

almond butter chocolate (dairy free)

chocolate ice cream blended with coconut milk, almond butter ripples and dairy-free chocolate chips

strawberry fields

strawberries with St. Germaine elderflower liquor

blue sky blues

fresh blueberry

coffee + donuts

coffee filled with glazed donut pieces

cookie crush

oreo icing and oreo cookies crushed together

blackberry limeade sorbet

blackberries blended with lime juice for a perfect sweet/tart pairing

toasted coconut (dairy free)

coconut milk filled with toasted coconut pieces

gillespie's bourbon pecan

roasted pecans and bourbon

blueberry toast crunch

blueberry compote with cinnamon toast crunch

datil dark

dark chocolate filled with cocoa nibs and datil pepper

the aviator

nutella ice cream with biscoff cookies and hazelnuts



melted chocolate with roasted cocoa

triple vanilla

rich vanilla made with 3 forms of vanilla beans

queen salted caramel

caramelized butter with sugar and pink sea salt

mint chocolate mash

smashed yorke mint chocolate pieces

straight strawberry

fresh strawberry

Black Charcoal Vanilla

rich vanilla infused with activated charcoal

parent trap

peanut butter filled with oreos

blackberry earl grey

blackberries with bergamot and orange

rose white chocolate

rosewater and cardamom with chocolate chunks

raja honey

jasmine green tea with local honey

cloud 9

sweet almond filled with marshmallow fluff

lavender melange 

a mixture of different lavenders