our flavors

denali postcard

our version of rocky road. a dense and delicious chocolate ice cream made with melted chocolate, mini marshmallows and chopped salted almonds 

almond butter chocolate (dairy free)

luxurious chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk, creamy almond butter ripples and dairy-free chocolate chip chunks 

strawberry fields

strawberry infused ice cream mixed with pieces of fresh strawberries all blended with St. Germaine elderflower liquor 

blue sky blues

blueberry infused ice cream with a deliciously sweet and tart blueberry compote swirl 

coffee + donuts

delicious and uplifting coffee ice cream made with coffee from The Kookaburra and chopped pieces of glazed donuts from Fiction Donuts

cookie crush

Oreo icing mixed into our ice cream base and perfectly blended with crushed Oreo cookies 

Blood orange pineapple sorbet (DAIRY FREE)

beautiful and deep blood oranges juiced and zested and mixed with ripened pineapple to create this light and delicious sorbet 

toasted coconut (dairy free)

a coconut lover’s favorite! A coconut milk base ice cream with perfectly toasted coconut shavings

gillespie's bourbon pecan

butter pecan’s younger brother! Buffalo Trace Bourbon soaked into ice cream with pieces of chopped, roasted pecans 

blueberry toast crunch

cinnamon toast crunch soaked ice cream with a homemade blueberry compote swirl 

datil dark

rich chocolate ice cream filled with crunchy cocoa nibs with a spicy kick of St. Augustine datil peppers 

the aviator

chocolate and hazelnut Nutella ice cream blended with chunks of Biscoff cookies and chopped hazelnuts 



a chocolate lover’s dream come true! Decadent chocolate ice cream packed full of melted chocolates and notes of roasted cocoa  

triple vanilla

three times as delicious! made with a vanilla bean paste, fresh vanilla beans and vanilla extract 

queen salted caramel

a rich and creamy caramelized sugar ice cream with flakes of Pink Himalayan sea salt 

mint Monster

sweet cream ice cream made with fresh mint, Andes chocolate mints, chocolate chips and crumbled grasshopper cookies

straight strawberry

strawberry infused ice cream with freshly chopped juicy strawberries 

Ice Box Lemon

when life gives you lemons…make ice box lemon ice cream! Juiced and zested fresh lemons blended with a lemon infused ice cream 

parent trap

creamy and salty peanut butter swirled ice cream with chunks of everyone’s favorite Oreo cookies

blackberry earl grey

an Earl Grey ice cream with notes of bergamot and orange rippled with blackberries 

chocolate coconut (DAIRY FREE)

melted dairy free chocolate whipped in with a coconut milk base ice cream 

raja honey

a floral green tea steeped in cream and swirled with wildflower honey

cloud 9

a deliciously light sweet and salty almond ice cream with flakes of sea salt and a homemade marshmallow fluff

lavender melange 

a light and soothing floral ice cream scented with lavender essential oils